2016 Creature Feature Fall Advertising Drive
- By Chris Palmer

Hi kids! Creature Feature is gearing up to return to TV, and we are in need of sponsors to help support our show and charity events! TV commercial advertisers help us only cover the cost of airing the show. Production costs are paid out of pocket by the cast.
We are in need of 9 advertisers to cover our 9 month run from September 2016 through May of 2017 (We take the summer off to backlog episodes). We have several sponsors already lined up, and could use several more. We have very reasonable rates on 30 second commercial spots, available in 3, 6 and 9 month blocks. Advertisers also receive ad placement on our website and on our print advertising cards.
Please contact Moose Epperson for more information:
Email: mooseepperson@yahoo.com

Since Winter of 2015 we have been working on an all new updated lab set, which is nearing completion. It is 2 feet taller than the old one, and will be a bit wider as well once a new Igor cage has been designed. This set includes a computer for Doc and the gang to interact with, and a film vault for Igor to hang out in for a while to hand Doc the latest crappy film offerings! Some of the “classic” aspects of the original set have been maintained as we want to keep that 1970s flavor of the original lab we all grew up with!
We are still keeping the show “old school”, and not jumping into the realm of green screen backgrounds, though we may experiment with GS superimposed material.

As most of you have heard, we have relocated our shooting studio to The Mall of the Bluffs in Council Bluffs, Iowa! We have a wonderful new space with not only a large lab studio to shoot in, but an office, dressing room and very organized storage space. We are looking forward to holding a few events at the mall this year, including a nice chaotic blood drive that should be a lot of fun. The mall also has an annual Halloween event you will not want to miss as well! We are working on a special “mascot” character that kids will be able to visit with at the mall on major holidays… so if your kids are not into Santa or the Easter Bunny, Doc and the gang are pretty sure they will enjoy visiting our special mall pal. For those of you who may recall the “Bad Santa” event we held many years ago, it will be similar creative tomfoolery.

New costumes have been created for the show for Doc and the nurses! We have found a very special friend with professional movie costume designer Carole Zacek, who has been part of costuming teams on recent films such as Quentin Tarantino’s “Hateful Eight” and the new Alexander Payne film “Downsizing” which just did some shooting here in Omaha! The nurses now have outfits that actually fit them very well, and all have a cohesive look to them. Doc’s new lab coat has a neat wide collar and French cuffs, so he will be looking quite spiffy!

We will start shooting new episodes in April, staring with our appearance at Omaha’s CONgregation Exodis (04/23) and with our pals at the Nebraska Reptile Breeders Expo on Sunday, 04/24. (See events page for more info). We should be starting our new lab shoots in May. We are looking to put the show back on TV in the early Fall of this year. Stay tuned for more information as we draw near. We are also looking for interested businesses as commercial TV sponsors for our 2016-17 season, which would run from September 2016 through May 2017, with the show taking summer off the air to backlog episodes. If you would have interest in advertising with us, please contact our Advertising Manager, Moose Epperson: Email: mooseepperson@yahoo.com

Aside from our usual Red Cross Blood Drives, we are slated to do a build with Habitat for Humanity in Omaha. Several members of the Creature Feature TV cast are inviting a select number of members of the general public to join us for a day of community service! No experience is required, but just expect a full 8 hour day of construction fun!
As Halloween is gearing up, we will also have a couple of guest appearances at some haunts throughout the area, so watch for us on Facebook for locations!

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